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I came up with this fundraiser idea one night while putting Bear's tooth in a Ziploc baggie. "I need a bag that is just for his teeth. Put it under his pillow & the tooth fairy exchanges it for a bit o' money!" (yes, I'm one of the parents that perpetuates the lies...) It turned out so cute, that I made lots of more, and passed them out to friends. Then someone says "You should sell these as a fundraiser for Maire on your website!" So here they are!!

Maire Z Doats Bags can fit coins, teeth, lock of hair, 8 crayons, lip gloss & lots of other small items for your little one. Use it as their own "handbag" or for precious keepsakes. With your choice of materials...either Girls Rock (black/pink), Sassafras (brown/aqua), Chickadee (yellow/blue), Cowboy Up (red/black cow spots) there should be one your little one will love! *I am currently looking for more boy material and will post options soon.

The small bag is $5.00 and shipping adds $2.00, but I will gladly combine shipping if you order more than one bag. I make the bags when your order them, so give me a couple of days notice. If you have a need for one right away, just let me know and I will do my best to get it to you when you need it! All of the proceeds from the bags go to my sweet Maire Bear's journey home. I hope to continue to sell them after her arrival and donate the proceeds to other adoptive families. Please spread the word!! Help me bring Maire home!

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